East Durham College

About the client

East Durham College came to Digital Allies with a need to reduce the cost per enquiry for their courses.
The monthly budget was limited and not set to increase due to current performance.
There was an active Google Ads account and were currently spending on Display Remarketing and Search Campaigns.
Digital Allies Partnered with the client in early 2018 to help increase the conversions the account was driving from there.

What we did

Firstly we audited the account and found that a large level of the spend was from one campaign with over 300 ad groups within it.

We used the information within the ad groups to create specific campaigns for different types of courses from Travel and Tourism to Music Courses.

The account was using enhanced CPC which allows Google more control of bidding. We changed this to manual and used the data within the account to set bid adjustments and bids based on time of day, devices, gender, user location.

We created specific ad copy for courses with strong call to actions.

  • Paid search PPC
  • Online strategy
  • Digital marketing

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