Social Media Training

  • Benefits and drawbacks of reactive marketing.
  • Conducting social media audits.
  • Community management on social media.
  • Creating a social media strategy.
  • Developing social media advocacy.
  • Managing your reputation on social media.
  • Optimising your online profiles.
  • Tracking and measuring social media content.
  • Using social media for customer service.
  • What makes people share on social media?

Want to learn about a social media marketing topic not covered above? Our Allies can create a training programme specific to you.

Digital Allies’ social media training courses can be designed to cater for all levels of understanding. Whether you are new to managing accounts or can’t go five minutes without checking your likes on Instagram, we can create a course to help improve your social media marketing knowledge.

Your bespoke training package can include any social media topic; we can cover the entire process, from identifying the most appropriate channels to use to developing a strategy that will delight your target audience.

For those who are more familiar with the basics of social media, we can discuss how to schedule posts and measure their success. This involves looking at the publishing options available and working out which one is most suitable for your business. You will then create appropriate objectives and be shown how to measure your success.

As we have worked on client accounts for years – and our trainers are all experienced practitioners – we are in a unique position to advise on your company’s day to day social media activity. Having the ability to shape your reputation is one of the key benefits of social media, and we can share case studies that highlight best practice in customer relationship management.

All of our training is underpinned by academic sources and up to date research, particularly when looking at topics such as the psychology of social media sharing. We analyse some of the most popular social media content so you can see these theories in action and think about how you can use this in your own business.

The bespoke training timeline

  • One of our experienced Digital Allies will contact you to discuss your requirements. At this meeting, we identify your skills gaps and what you want to learn.
  • The next stage is for us to create a draft proposal for what we can offer. This will include information on pricing, times, and a suggested overview of your bespoke training programme. We shape this based on your thoughts and, if needed, will put forward an updated proposal.
  • Once we have established the formalities, we ask all attendees to complete a pre-training self-assessment form. This lets us tailor the content of your specific session to make sure that everyone can take something away.
  • After training, we gather feedback from your group on how you feel the training has helped. We can also develop action plans for each person so that they feel confident putting their new skills into practice.
  • We will then schedule a follow-up session or phone call to discuss your progress and answer any follow-up questions you might have.

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