Bespoke Digital Marketing Training Courses


Our tailored training solutions cover any aspect of digital marketing and are a cost-effective way of educating and coaching people within your business. We can do these in person at your offices, or via a Google Hangout or Skype session. Wherever you are based, we will work closely with you to create the digital marketing training course you need for your business.

What Does it Involve?

  • The location you want
  • The duration you want
  • The topics you want
  • The content you want
  • The team size you want
  • The food you want
  • The refreshments you want
  • The type of handwash you want in the toilets (just kidding ‚Ķ or are we?)

Previous Courses

To give you an idea of the broad range of digital training we are capable of delivering, some of the previous training solutions we have provided are:

  • Using gamification to increase employee advocacy
  • How to conduct a content audit and map a keyword matrix
  • Building custom audiences for Facebook advertising
  • ¬†Combining multiple data sources for improved reporting and measurement

How Much Does It Cost?

The price ultimately depends on all of the above, but we always try to keep costs as low for you as possible.

How Do I Get Started?

Want more information on organising a tailored training solution? Get in touch, and we would be more than happy to discuss your digital marketing training needs!