What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the way you engineer your website so that it appears on the early pages of a search engine for relevant user searches. SEO is a rapidly evolving discipline where changes are perpetual, which means staying abreast of changes is critical.

Why is SEO



With search engines driving the majority of traffic to your website, changes in how your business ranks because of updates could have a real impact on your business’ bottom line – this is where Digital Allies can add real value.

Your Past Influences

Your Future


Some organisations fail to realise that they are exposed to future updates through past work to their website.

We believe that you cannot adequately plan for the future without considering what has happened in the past. Understanding this means we can mitigate any risk proactively. All too often webmasters and company owners reactive action can sometimes be a case of too little, too late.

Our SEO Expertise


Unlike PPC, you cannot buy SEO success. You have to earn it, and we can show you how.

We are strong advocates of mapping SEO to your organisation’s top level business and marketing goals, as opposed to purely focusing on metrics that make us look better!



SEO Strategy


For us, a truly remarkable SEO strategy should be a combination of the following:

  • Website and Analytics Audit
  • Competitor and Marketplace Analysis
  • Structural and Technical Implementation
  • Onsite Content Mapped To Specific User Intent
  • A Clear Reporting System That Ties Metrics to Goals

Ahead Of

The SEO Curve


When SEO changes and evolves, we change and evolve with it. There were 38 separate Google-related events in 2016 alone, including algorithm updates, patents, product launches and company acquisitions.

Not only do we know what each of these developments means for search, but we can also use these changes to improve the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.