Google Analytics Consultancy and Reporting


Want to understand your users better and figure out how they interact with your site? The first place you need to look is Google Analytics.

‘Big data’ is a popular term right now. At Digital Allies, we are not overly concerned with buzzwords, media speak or TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms). Our analytics consultants are more concerned with helping you to use your analytics data so you can make smarter decisions, and provide you with the insight you need to execute compelling marketing campaigns!

Measure Moments That Matter


The number of customer touchpoints that occur before they are ready to buy has increased significantly over the last few years. If that wasn’t enough, these touchpoints incorporate a multitude of devices and channels in an infinite number of different combinations; spanning across a number of weeks or months. Trying to extract any discernable insight from this vast expanse of touchpoints and ‘micro-moments’ can be an almost impossible mission.

Join The Digital Dots


As Google Certified Partners, we can help you to join the dots and get an innate understanding of your customers’ digital behaviour. Turning data into insight is the key to reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message, leading to significant improvements in your online performance.

Analytics Consulting


We have carried out a number of successful Google Analytics Consultancy projects, some recent consultancy projects include:

  • Customer Insights
  • Attribution and Measurement
  • Traffic Acquisition Analysis
  • Goal Definition and Event Tracking

Analytics Implementation


As well as providing consultancy, we also have a wealth of experience in implementing Google Analytics solutions according to best practices to provide data you can trust.

Recent examples include:

  • Account Setup
  • Universal Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tracking Logged In Users
  • Advanced Data Capture

Reporting and Measurement


There is no point collecting data if it doesn’t drive any actionable insights for your business. We make sure that the data we collect is mapped to short- and long-term goals, and more importantly, that it frees up your time to focus on higher value work as opposed to spending 40 hours a week in Excel.

We use custom Google Data Studio reports to valuable data from multiple sources tell you exactly how you are performing against your targets, and where you should be focusing your efforts.