Content Marketing and Strategy


Companies don’t need content; they need things to happen when they publish content. A robust content strategy is a catalyst for improved business performance.

Over time, many brands have fallen prey to the “more content is better” mentality. Instead of intentionally developing content as an extension of a company’s purpose and target audience, content has become a quest for volume. We don’t agree.

Content That Delights


Your content — whether that is the words you have on your homepage, your product descriptions, your blog posts, your emails, the way you speak to your customers on social media, even the design of your packaging — must be part of a seamless experience across mediums and channels.


Content That Builds Trust


Trust and reputation are critical to any organisation’s success. Your content helps to builds that reputation for many people. Moreover, if you understand how to offer the right content for people depending on where they are in the purchase funnel, more people will decide in your favour and reward you with their business.


Content Audit

We audit your existing content using a range of tools and software to provide a current snapshot of how the content on your site is performing against your business aims and objectives.

We will also highlight current strengths, as well as areas for improvement and where there are opportunities to capture additional organic traffic.

Content Strategy

Using the results of our content audit as a starting point, we then sketch out the broad strokes of a content strategy encompassing your brand, your goals, your ambition and any key insights we have uncovered.

We also outline a robust content strategy that details the content that will help you to achieve your aims. We break down content that needs to be:

  • Improved
  • Removed
  • Consolidated
  • Left As Is
  • Created

Content Success

Our content strategies will ultimately help to have a positive impact on what your customers think and what they do. More specifically, the benefits of implementing a well thought out content strategy are:

  • Improved reputation and brand equity
  • Improved conversions
  • Attracting more of the right people