SearchLeeds Roundup – 2018

SearchLeeds has gone from strength to even greater strength over the last three years since it’s humble beginnings back in 2016. The event has quite rightly obtained the title of the largest search marketing conference in the North of England. Digital Allies have been along for the ride over the years and it is yet to disappoint!

The occasion brings together the first-class talent in digital for a day of actionable SEO advice and ground-breaking industry-leading content. The third SearchLeeds edition took place last week at the First Direct Arena attracting thousands of search professionals from all over the world.

The event itinerary was jam-packed full of burning subjects that we digital marketers face from tech to analytics, tracking to content and paid search to marketing strategies as search engine optimisation continues to evolve in 2018.

Alice, our specialist in outreach and social media has put together her experience highlights to put you in the loop with the latest digital trends.

“My day started with tracking and content, my two favourite things! The visibility that digital marketing gives marketers still blows my mind. Being able to capture behaviour and tendencies our audience create gives us a true insight into what is working and what is not. The data we capture then enables us to shape up strategies and future marketing efforts to get an all-around better search result.

Tracking is crucial for any campaign, organic or paid. I was interested to hear what Jill Quick from the Coloring In Department had to say about tracking campaigns like a bloodhound. She used metaphors to describe websites as parties and analytics as the security. The security knows who and where the party goers come from, i.e your traffic and it is vital that it is recorded efficiently within analytics in order to associate results with specific campaigns because let’s face it, without data you are just another person with an opinion!


Kirsty Hulse from Manyminds provided a thought-provoking content marketing presentation. She exclaimed that ‘ideas, not assets, are everything’ referring to Greggs’ latest viral valentines marketing campaign and Kodak’s mobile wiping stunt, they are examples of brilliant brand-focused content that have changed the old school theory that brand content is seen as commercial and won’t get links pointing towards your website. ‘If you know a brand, lead with it!’

I then spent the afternoon getting grips with advanced integrated influence strategies and keyword analysis. Lexi Mills from Shift6 dived into how the News Industry is using artificial intelligence to improve their content recommendations in order to be more reactive. She explained how we as digital marketers can to utilise it for our client’s creatively.

Kelvin Newman, the founder of BrightonSEO touched on exploring keywords through analysing competitors and their web pages. He told us to forget Google Keyword Planner and the old way of doing things when it comes to keyword implementation. Now we need to consider if our pages contain the search query and phrases used by other pages that rank for the term and deliberate whether if it deserves to rank. He told that using free resources online like WordCloud and Textise can help aid the ideation of keyword ranking strategies.”

The day was a massive success for all parties involved, as expected. SearchLeeds is a fantastic excuse to gather the talent up North for one big digital party! We’ll be their next year!


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