Powerful Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Google Analytics offers businesses the opportunity to monitor online behaviour like never before. Who is visiting our website, where are they from, how did they find us, what were they looking for, what did they look at on our website, are they customers, why did they leave? The answers to all these questions and thousands more can be drawn from Google Analytics.

At Digital Allies, we ask our customers what they want to know, help them draw that information from their website and social media channels and present the answers back to them in a concise, understandable onscreen report. All live, in real time.

We help retailers monitor sales and help them to understand how and why customers bought, or why they didn’t buy. We help advertisers monitor the effectiveness of their advertising – showing how Facebook is doing vs Adwords and how individual adverts and targeting criteria perform against each other. We show businesses how customers, stakeholders and potential customers are really behaving online – removing guesswork and intuition in favour of hard facts about the search terms they use, the journey’s they take through websites and social media channels and the actions they take during the process.

We construct on-screen reports containing live data feeds from our customer’s websites and social media channels – showing how they impact each other and how other marketing activities – email marketing, exhibition attendance, advertising campaigns – impact digital channels. The reports are highly visual, showing just what you want to know, filtering out the less important information.

We make intelligent decisions, so that you can too.

To find out more about how we can help your business turn analytics into a powerful business intelligence and marketing tool, call Mark Anderson or Adam Woodhouse on 0191 500 7900.


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