122.3% increase in traffic

12.4% increase in social following


Luxe Magazine provides content ‘designed to spark coffee-table conversation’; covering everything from recipes and influential interviews to destination guides, events, as well as news and trends from the world of fashion, beauty, interiors and motoring.

However, given the explosive rise of digital media consumption, Luxe Magazine needed to become as omnipresent online as they were in the real world.

Most importantly, they also needed a digital presence that would work in unison with their glossy, high-quality print magazine to promote their brand and encourage greater take up of their core print offering.


  • End-to-End Digital Experience
  • Maintain High-Quality Content
  • Increase take-up of print offering
  • Drive and Track Users from Print to Digital and Vice Versa

To act as a direct counter to the rise of click bait, whereby stories are ‘dumbed down’ to get more clicks, Luxe Magazine wanted to create an end-to-end digital content experience that was worthy of the pages of their high-end magazine.

After speaking to some agencies, Luxe Magazine opted to use Digital Allies to help create their digital presence.

A number of factors contributed to the decision. Luxe Magazine felt that our strong focus on creating content strategies that deliver performance for clients was a good fit for how they wanted their brand to be perceived.


  • Instant, Detailed Feedback.
  • Real-Time Analytics.
  • Increased Online Readership.
  • Digital Presence Compliments, as well as Extends Print Incarnation.

Our extensive knowledge of Google Analytics and Tag Manager made it easier for the Luxe Magazine team to extract insights from their online readership, allowing them to measure the ‘value’ of each article and use this data to inform (but not dictate) future content creation.

The broad insights gleaned from Analytics offered a tangible benefit to the team and their readership, as they could be confident in what they believed in as a publication; namely, creating great content that would spark ‘coffee-table conversation’.

One of the most exciting things about Luxe Magazine’s digital presence is that there is now an ever-expanding audience that wants to read their great content.

The Luxe team were pleased when more people were visiting the site than were in their office. The number quickly grew to a few thousand people, and they are now on their way to hitting their 10,000 monthly landmark.

When they reach 10,000 monthly visits, they will move on to 100,000 visits. When they hit that, they will jump again.


What Our Clients Say

“For me, the way we have translated our print publication through to our site is second to none. Bridging the gap between print/online can be tough to get right, but we have certainly managed it.

Most reassuringly for me, though, is that Digital Allies have shown us that digital publishing is the same as any other kind of publishing; creating great content will always look good online, and always get people reading.”

Debi Coldwell, Director, Luxe Magazine