10X return on advertising spend

49.6% increase in year-on-year revenue


Jake Shoes is an independently owned and family run company set up in 1975 to offer a choice of shoes different from the rest of the high street, something they still pride themselves on doing today.


As a less ordinary shoe retailer, Jake wanted to increase online visibility and shift its brand focus to popular brands that would introduce customers to products that they were less familiar with. Inspirational and informative content was a key part of this approach.


With over 7,000 pages indexed by Google, there were over 1,000 product and category pages that received no organic traffic in over 12 months. These pages were weighing down the overall visibility of the rest of the site, which we refer to as ‘cruft’.

We began a project to remove this ‘cruft’ from Google’s index, prioritising and re-writing the pages that had potential, and then releasing other pages back into the index if/when they improved.

Once the ‘cruft’ was removed, we also created a number of additional category landing pages to capture traffic and revenue for seasonal products and emerging brands, such as Back to School, Black Friday and Irregular Choice.

“With Digital Allies’ approach to digital marketing, we feel very happy and confident that we’re in the right hands and on an upwards spiral again rather than a downwards one, which is something we’ve not felt for a long time. Digital Allies truly saved us from disaster, and thankfully they are now sending us upwards! Long may it continue!”


Tom Bradshaw, Head of Ecommerce and Operations, Jake Shoes


20.7% increase in year-on-year traffic

34.9% increase in Ecommerce conversion rate