Online Strategy and Brand Development

Digital and Brand Strategy

Building a website and implementing digital marketing is only effective when you have a brand strategy supporting the plan. It is no different to building a brand offline, you need to focus on how your customers interact with your business online and develop strategies to enhance their experience of your brand.  Digital Allies have an experienced brand development team including strategic development experts as well as a creative and design team that are used to working across printed as well as digital mediums.

The brand is not the logo nor is it the website, it is born out of the answers to the following three key questions;

  1. What do we want to be known for?
  2. What actions define our Brand Values?
  3. What is the personality of the Brand?

With businesses having many facets there may not be one answer to the key brand questions, at this stage we develop a brand architecture for our clients ensuring that each element of their business is properly supported by a brand strategy.

We have a tried and tested process to deliver the brand that fits with your business, the key steps are;

  • Step 1: Understanding the landscape – Where do you sit against your competitors
  • Step 2: Who – Who is our customer, current and future?
  • Step 3: What – What is our offer, our products our price point?
  • Step 4: How – How do we go to market, our communications strategy?

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