Google Analytics Training

  • Accurately measure data.
  • Create custom reports and dashboard.
  • Discover tips and tricks.
  • Find out how to create a measurement plan.
  • Install Analytics with Google Tag Manager.
  • Integrate Search Console and Ads.
  • Learn how to navigate the reports.
  • See what can and can’t be measured.
  • Track clicks and form submissions.
  • Track the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

Want your Google Analytics training to cover a topic we haven’t mentioned? Email us and we’ll create a course just for you.

Mastering Google Analytics is key to being successful in digital marketing. If you are not tracking the users visiting your website, such as the pages they visit and the devices they use, then you can easily fall behind your competition.

Our Google Analytics training will show you how to create a measurement plan to decide what you want to track. We will spend time talking through your objectives and what’s important to your specific business. This can include form submissions, purchases, and how far visitors have scrolled down individual pages.

The workshops are very practical. We encourage all attendees to bring their laptops and account information with them so that we can work with real data. You will leave the session knowing exactly how to configure your account so that the data you are measuring is as accurate as it can be.

The Digital Allies team have been working on client accounts for years and are experienced practitioners as well as great trainers. We use up to date academic sources to ensure our materials are as accurate as possible, and we provide plenty of case studies based on our own experience of using Google Analytics.

How to create your own Google Analytics training course

  • One of our experienced Digital Allies will contact you to discuss your requirements. At this meeting, we identify your skills gaps and what you want to learn.
  • The next stage is for us to create a draft proposal for what we can offer. This will include information on pricing, times, and a suggested overview of your bespoke training programme. We shape this based on your thoughts and, if needed, will put forward an updated proposal.
  • Once we have established the formalities, we ask all attendees to complete a pre-training self-assessment form. This lets us tailor the content of your specific session to make sure that everyone can take something away.
  • After training, we gather feedback from your group on how you feel the training has helped. We can also develop action plans for each person so that they feel confident putting their new skills into practice.
  • We will then schedule a follow-up session or phone call to discuss your progress and answer any follow-up questions you might have.

Click here to email our training team and get started learning about the insights Google Analytics can give your business.

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