Brighton SEO 2018 Roundup

Brighton SEO is one of the world’s most prestigious search conferences. It brings together around 4000 attendees from 40 different countries and some of the best talent in digital for a day of learning and networking.

From what started as a conversation in their local pub, Kelvin Newman and his team have managed to pull off one of the most popular and respected search conferences around today, with the event having gone from strength to strength since its debut.

Digital Allies made the 700 mile round trip to Brighton SEO last week to discover, explore and link up with industry A-listers. The day started with a coffee and a long queue as thousands anticipated what was to come at the Brighton Centre, located on the seafront.

The day commenced in Auditorium One with sessions on Content Marketing.

Ross Tavendale began the session with a discussion about data journalism and how to win big links. He discussed his experience with his first large retainer (£50K) and how disappointedly it generated zero links because the ideation was too subjective. This then lead his team to scrap their original ideas and focus on data-led campaigns. Ultimately, he proclaimed that you need to ask the question of ‘Why are we doing this?’ at every point in a campaign and each time look to the data for your answer.

Bobbi Brant on next, talked about the use of live video. Bobbi used examples from the companies such as  ‘Benefit Cosmetics’ who have a weekly live stream that goes out every Thursday called “Tipsy Tricks with Benefit!” where a guest and a host choose a beauty topic and provide their advice while sipping wine and fielding viewer questions in real time, which is very popular with their audience. It is just another platform where the brand can showcase their quirky, feel-good personality. Bobbi then discussed what platforms might work well for different businesses and also shared her own experience with ‘going live’ on Twitter. She reaped the benefits of a 25% increase in twitter impressions and a 16% click-through rate.

Matt Siltala provided a thought-provoking session around content creators and content documenters. He identified common problems often raised by clients to their digital marketers, for example, the need to create more content, the need to be on all social media channels, the need to create infographics, the need to create videos. Matt’s key point was to not get trapped in the digital ‘black hole’, you need to do these things but in the right away and with a purpose. He also discussed infographics and how to utilise them.

Here’s his checklist of how to best use an infographic at every stage:

  1. Create the infographic.
    2. Once it’s been approved, design an ‘infogram’ with the key stat or CTA (snippets of the infographic for Instagram).
    3. Deliver the infogram across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
    4. Create a quick snippet or video (‘motiongraphic’ based on the key stat or CTA chosen by the client.

This gives your audience something much easier and quicker to consume.

After a stroll on along the pier and bite to eat for lunch, the second half of the day was about to begin.

We headed to Auditorium Two for an afternoon of growing our link building knowledge.

Laura Hogan revealed how to use competitors for free links via simple tips and tricks that have worked well for her clients. For example, broken link building, backlink analysis and reverse image search. She then showed us the proof in the pudding with her success stories, she gained 30+ links on one campaign simply by broken link building.

Stacey MacNaught followed with a session on securing links before you produce content. She highlighted how important it is to validate your idea then devise a well-researched media list, generate journalist interest and then lastly create the content with the security of knowing it’s going to be well received.

Finally, we listened to Elli Bishop’s tips on how to recruit and train a killer outreach team. Her key message was that outreach is much more than just link building, it’s a brands digital footprint. An outreach employee should possess these 8 non-negotiable traits and skills: resilience, confidence, persistence, competitive, persuasive writing skills, research skills, creative problem-solving skills, be a strong relationship builder.

The day was a massive success for all parties involved, roll on Brighton SEO 2019!

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