We know digital marketing can be confusing and seem complicated. There’s a lot of technical language that sounds like it came from a sci-fi movie… The words sound alien – us geeks probably have some explaining to do on that – but what you don’t understand can leave you vulnerable to being sold digital products that you don’t need.

At Digital Allies we work differently, we help you develop your business digitally – we like doing that, it makes us feel good. But along the way, as we steer you away from shiny things you don’t need and towards the digital solutions that will make a difference to your business success, we will also train you and your team.

We have helped many organisations along the way with their digital strategy, digital procurement and training. We work with clients from all over the UK in Belfast, Cardiff and London and our sector expertise spans across professional services, education, hospitality, ecommerce, publishing as well as travel and tourism.

We regularly update our own social media channels with the latest thoughts and topics from the industry. Here’s a link to our Twitter account if you want to be kept up-to-date, or follow our Linkedin page – feel free to do both as we know our audience and sometimes tailor the messages accordingly.